Joseph Pilates once said" If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Keep practicing Pilates! You can be " Charlie's Angels" too, like these three ladies in our Studio!

Every Tuesday and Friday morning, if you come to our studio, you will hear the joyful laughter of these three ladies , Mrs. Qiu, Mrs. Gao and Mrs. Lin. If you could have a guess about their age, you will never believe they have grandchildrens. They started with practicing Pilates 3 years ago and the results not only have them keep coming to our studio regularily but also interested many people around them to our studio to see the true reasons for their changes in their body, mind and spirit. They told us why they love Pilates and what keeps their spirits high:

Q: What motivates you to come to our Pilates classes for three consecutive years?

Mrs. Gao:: My body becomes very flexible and very comfortable after class. I am full of energy now and my friends and family told me I am in the pink all the time.

Mrs. Qiu : Before I started practicing Pilates 3 years ago, I had difficulties to raise my arms overhead and I could hardly squat down. It frustrated me.Now I can raise my arms overhead to pick up the mugs from the shelves and  squat down to pick up my grandchildren easily. My legs and feet are stronger, my walks becomes more powerful.

Mrs. Lin: My legs are really getting better now. Stronger. My whole body becomes more flexible and stronger. My movement is more at ease.

Mrs Qiu:   My daily movement becomes more neat and agile. We might not be able to move so swiftly like the yougsters, but look ! How far Pilates has brought us to! We could not walk for a long distance without pain or squat down before . Now we can and we do these with joy and happiness. What could make you happier when the problems and  pains that bug you everyday are gone! I am so pround and happy to hear my son said," Mom ~ you look too young to be sixty! "

Pilates is suitable for all ages. Start looking for a qualified Pilates instructor in your neighborhood. Once you start practicing Pilates regularily and truthfully, not only your body, your mind and your spirit will be changed,  the quality of your life will be changed too!


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